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As we close out the year, many of us are thinking about the changes we want for the coming year. This comes, for some, in the form of a New Year’s Resolution. We resolve to quit a bad habit, hit the gym, save more money, spend more time doing relaxing things … the list goes on and on.

Often, no matter how important those items seem on January 1 let them slip to the wayside. An online article ( stated that about 16-percent of those resolutions make it through the entire year. If you are one who made it, congratulations!

Lack of accountability was one of those listed. How can we be more committed to our resolutions. If we commit to reading our bible more as a resolution this year, for example, we can find online planners with different scripture listed for each day, daily journals and more. You can also pick up one of the Daily Bread books left in the parlor that has different readings for the quarter. Having a tangible guide like these will help, but what else could we do?

Many of us belong to a small group within the church – Wednesday Night Meal Makers, Tuesday Bible Study, Upper Room Sunday School, Nimble Fingers. Why couldn’t we ask a simple question or two to help each other? That question, one that Pastor Dirk asks the staff each week, “How is it with your soul?”

That simple question can lead to a host of discussion. While talking a favorite scripture or two will come to mind that will help lead each of us closer to God. So, I ask … how is it with your soul today?

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