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Future Spiritual Leaders

     Middle and high school aged youth are invited to meet with other teens who are learning about God and Jesus and how knowing both leads to future change. JC 1st UMC Youth Group is lead by Jami and Curtis Schwering who both have a passion for expressing the Gospel in unique ways. Both are big youth, who have daytime jobs and careers and make the students feel welcomed and loved.

     At JC 1st UMC Youth Group, teens will be in a safe and fun environment where they can learn and grow in their walk in the Christian faith. This safe place is also one where the teens can feel free to ask questions and learn more about their faith.

     The Youth Group meets the first and third Sundays of the month in the Bobo Room (downstairs) at 5 p.m. The mix of lessons, fun games, life skills, and exploration of the community of faith – along with a light meal – will allow for your teen to explore how God and Jesus work with them on a daily basis.

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